Changes At Legal Times

An internal email from Legal Times Editor in Chief David Brown:


    I’m pleased to announce two promotions in the newsroom that are effective immediately.

    Elizabeth Engdahl, who just celebrated year 20 at Legal Times, will become the paper’s Deputy Editor. In this new role, Liz will retain her responsibilities for national opinion coverage and our special reports and will now begin working with Scott and Jennifer on copy desk issues. She also will work more closely with me to develop Web-related content around our special reports and Points of View. Liz, as many of you know, is an exceptionally thoughtful, meticulous, and dedicated editor, and I’m very glad to have her assuming one of the most senior positions in the newsroom.

    In addition, I’d like to make official what some of you probably already suspected: Debbie Bruno will move from special reports editor to senior editor and will manage our business of law and lobbying coverage. Debbie joined the paper in 2004 and has done an outstanding job on our special reports. She brings to the position knowledge and contacts in the legal world, a sharp eye for copy, and enormous enthusiasm for the work that we do. I think that she will be a terrific editor and mentor for our legal business and lobbying reporting team.

    Please join me in congratulating Liz and Debbie on their new positions.

    – David