Changes At Bonnier’s Garden Design, Saveur

Two months after top editor Sarah Kinbar left Garden Design, Bonnier Corp. announced that it’s moving the magazine from Winter Park, Fla., to New York City and replacing some key staffers, Folio: reports.

Three staffers are leaving the magazine, says Folio:. Two are going to be reassigned elsewhere in Bonnier, and one is leaving the company entirely.

Meanwhile, the magazine is getting a new design, a “new roster of contributing editors,” and three hires for high-profile positions: William L. Hamilton, a former reporter and editor with the New York Times, will take the spot vacated by Kinbar, while Greg Ferro, formerly All You executive editor will serve as executive managing editor. James Oseland, editor-in-chief of Saveur, will now serve as editorial director.

Oseland is the second high-profile departure from Saveur in as many weeks, though Saveur is also a Bonnier property, so Oseland isn’t leaving the company entirely. Correction: Oseland is adding the title of editorial director of Garden Design to his existing responsibilities at Saveur. Managing editor Georgia Freedman, on the other hand, resigned about two weeks ago for parts yet unknown.