Change the World Social "Pay-It-Forward" Style

bwire_logo.gifIf you believe that you can change the world through one act of random kindness at a time and you’re into social networking, then you would definitely join B-wire. B-wire is a social networking site for sharing needs and advice, and those who need a hand as well as those who are willing to lend a hand.B-wire is the MySpace/Facebook of the conscientious individuals. It’s a free community for meeting new people through helping each other out and talking about things each member needs. Web content of B-Wire are all user generated. B-wire just organized this content in three main areas – needs, contributions, and issues.

  • Needs – are any topic or content that seeks for advice or support
  • Contributions – are specific areas of interest, talent or skill that members are willing to share to the other members of B-wire.
  • Issues – includes any topic that may concern other members of the b-wire community, or to put it simply, these are news story or events.

B-wire for all its humane purposes and objectives deserve attention from all of us social networking geeks. We all need a good company sometimes, and the B-wire community intends to provide that.

Finally, here comes a social networking site which focuses on the humane needs of its members. I will definitely take part in this endeavour as my way of paying it forward.