ChaCha Phones In the Answers

cha_chaAnswers are a dime a dozen on the Web. Does that mean we’re asking more questions? Never get stuck without that important 411 again. If you want to skip the library, call ChaCha for on-the-go answers to your questions. The free cell phone service (available at 800/2chacha) will text message an answer to any question you leave on their voicemail line. You may also text your questions to “242242.”Most answers arrive within five minutes.

As you might have already figured out, it would be impossible for machines to figure out answers to specific questions. Chacha gets their info through a network of over 10,000 “guides” who get paid 20 cents per answer. Sounds like chump change, but since many questions are only a simple Google search away, this is some pretty easy income.

From who won the big game last night to who the 17th president of the United States was, ChaCha hit a homerun with every question I asked. However, if you don’t like the answer you are provided with, you can reply to the text message and ask for more info, clarification, etc.

Your answers will vary, as the troop of guides greatly vary in speed and accuracy. But overall, I think the product works BECAUSE it has a human touch.

If you don’t have unlimited messaging on your mobile device, be warned: Chacha sends two messages for every question asked. One restating the question and another proving the answer.

Find restaurants, get contact information, or settle that bet on some bizarre historical fact – Chacha knows!

Chacha works with most mobile carriers and regular cell phone rates apply.