Center for Public Integrity Set to Introduce Treesaver Platform

The Center for Public Integrity will team up with designer Roger Black to launch Treesaver, a digital platform that allows publishers to format long-form content — including photos, videos, audio, and Web links — for any size screen, including PCs, laptops, iPads, iPhones, Kindles, and smart phones such as Androids or BlackBerrys, with no app download required.

The Center for Public Integrity will use Treesaver to publish a major investigative report Nov. 6, and the organization said it will use the platform regularly.

Black worked with software engineer Filipe Fortes on the code and then collaborated with the Center for Public Integrity to develop a platform that would work for long-form, investigative stories.

Center for Public Integrity executive director Bill Buzenberg said:

The investigative projects developed by the Center are often compelling and lengthy, not just a paragraph or two beyond the headlines. It was important to find a content-delivery system that would allow readers to easily read our complete story, wherever they are. Treesaver delivers on that promise in groundbreaking fashion.

Chief digital officer John Solomon added:

What Roger and Filipe have created is a major upgrade for Web content. It liberates readers who want to read in-depth stories on digital devices but don’t want to be tied to one platform, pay exorbitant subscription costs, or buy expensive devices that soon will be outdated.

And Black said:

Treesaver offers a solution for the millions of readers who still crave in-depth journalism but have struggled to find a good reading experience on digital devices.