CellSpin Adds iPhone Support

Mobile blogging software start-up CellSpin now supports the iPhone. This means that iPhone owners can take the pictures, audio, text and other media from their handset and publish it to all their favorite blog, social network, photo sharing and auction sites simultaneously.

cellspin_facebook_728.gifSupported sites include MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Pownce, Blogger, Picasa, Flickr, Live Journal, Live Spaces, TypePad and eBay plus a few others. CellSpin promises that support for additional sites and services is coming.

The free, GUI-based application lets iPhone owners use CellSpin as a Voice Notes app; use the Select Media button to post pre-existing content from the iPhone; access the MySpace and Facebook MoBlog app from within CellSpin; securely post to eBay auctions; record and post live events and share media on CellSpin’s community blogs.

iPhone users can get the application from the social networking section of the Apple App Store. Folks with supported Symbian, Windows Mobile, Palm and BlackBerry devices can download it from www.cellspin.net.