Celio Redfly (Terminal) for BlackBerry Beta Release (video demo)

YouTube video courtesy of CrackBerrydotCom

CrackBerry.com reports on a…

First Look: Celio REDFLY Support for BlackBerry Smartphones – Coming Early Q4

Celio’s Redfly looks like a netbook but doesn’t have any computing power of its own. Instead, it works in tandem with a smartphone (Windows Mobile only currently) and extends the phone’s screen and keyboard to itself. This, theoretically, a better experience for tasks like composing long email messages or working with word processing documents or spreadsheets. I’ve documented my problems getting it working with Windows Mobile phones and even spoke with Celio about its product in a recent podcast…

Redfly Windows Mobile Terminal Driver Update: Lots of Pain, No Gain

Podcast 27: Celio Redfly Terminal Device for Windows Mobile Smartphones

Celio Redfly + HTC Touch Pro2 = Bad Experience

I have to say that the edited video demonstrating an early beta driver release for the BlackBerry looks pretty good. Of course, part of that may be because the BlackBerry appears to switch between apps much faster than Windows Mobile does.

It was a bit disappointing to see email being composed on what appears to be a text windows that is only 32 to 36 characters wide though. It would be a much better visual experience if the text window for composing email was between 48 and 80 characters wide. However, it is a beta release. So, we may see improvements there before its release.