Celebrate 30 years of Tetris in EA’s Tetris Blitz


Classic puzzle game Tetris turns 30 this year, and to celebrate, EA Mobile is giving away a large bundle of prizes for Tetris Blitz players on iOS devices. Tetris Blitz challenges players to drop pieces and form lines as quickly as possible, earning points before time runs out.

This free Expert Player Pack is a $4.99 value, and includes 21 power-ups, including Magnets and Lasers. More than one power can be activated for each game, so players can mix and match the tools they like best to achieve the highest score possible.

In addition, the Player Pack includes two different finishers for increasing a game’s final score, two free spins on the prize machine for coins, power-ups and other prizes, and 75,000 coins to spend on additional items, once the gifted power-ups and finishers have been used.

Alongside this Player Pack comes the latest game update, which includes Retro Tournaments and a Birthday Cake finisher. The retro tournaments see players challenging others for coins and prizes, with a “retro” design.

These gameplay updates are available across Tetris Blitz on iOS, Google Play and the Amazon App Store, while the Expert Player Pack is available to redeem on the game’s birthday website for iOS users.