CBS News Remembers Hewitt

• CBS President Leslie Moonves: “In the history of journalism, there have been few who were as creative, dynamic and versatile as Don Hewitt. The depth and breadth of his accomplishments are impossible to measure, because since the very beginnings of our business, he quite literally invented so many of the vehicles by which we now communicate the news. He will be missed by our entire industry, but most of all by his many, many friends at CBS both past and present who continue to be inspired by his professionalism, grit and dedication to the truth.”

• CBS News and Sports President Sean McManus: “Don’s creativity, drive and outright enthusiasm were an inspiration to everyone at CBS News. He shaped the television news business from its earliest moments through the creation of his masterwork, 60 MINUTES, which is still a vibrant and successful symbol of his colossal influence.”

• CBS “60 Minutes” Executive Producer Jeff Fager: “It is a sad and difficult time for all of us who work at 60 Minutes. Don was a giant figure in our lives and will always have an impact on this broadcast – there’s a part of him in every one of us, and it affects every decision we make. He will be remembered as a brilliant editor and story teller, an irrepressible force who changed journalism forever. Those of us who knew him and worked with him will remember him simply as a great guy to be around. He was full of life, usually armed with a joke, and he always found a way to make our stories better. I will miss Don very much.”

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• Katie Couric: “Don Hewitt was an indisputable powerhouse of network television. He set the standard and laid the foundation for 60 Minutes, and because of his vision, it continues to be a program where extraordinary journalism not only survives, but thrives. On a personal note, I will never forget his warmth, enthusiasm and support and his constant calls to me offering his suggestions and sage advice. He’s was truly one of a kind.”