CBS News Giving Away Flip Cams To Document Obama’s First 100 Days and CBS Mobile are partnering with Pure Digital Technologies to give away 50 Flip MinoHD camcorders to one person in each of the 50 states. The idea is to have regular Joe’s and Joie’s (not plumbers we suspect) document how soon-to-be Pres. Barack Obama’s first 100 days in office is going over in communities across the country.

The videos will give CBS News the opportunity to highlight thoughts from the American people on the places in the U.S. that need the most attention, and the issues that should be addressed.

Winners are chosen based on an emailed essay explaining why they should win a FlipMino HD Camcorder. Essays can be submitted to
couriconline [at]

We used a Flip at CES last week and it’s super simple to shoot and upload video. Click here to learn more about uploading for the CBS challenge.