CBS Moves on Sitcom Project About an Unlucky in Love Female Architect in Chicago


It seems as though there are two go-to careers for dreamy male leads in romantic comedies: writer or architect. So while we’re not usually excited to hear the words “developing a sitcom,” it’s nice to see that aforementioned go-to flipped a bit with the news that the CBS network is working a project based on former VH1 veejay Susan Brightbill‘s upcoming book The True Adventures of a Terrible Dater, whose main character is a female architect working in Chicago. We can’t find any information on the book itself, nor when it’s coming out, nor any information about how large a role architecture will play in it (we’re guessing it’ll be more about the terrible dating), but it makes us happy that we might have a female lead in the business of building. Will she be fighting to become a partner at Skidmore, Owings, and Merril? Or a hot shot rookie working with Adrian Smith? Can we get a Jeanne Gang cameo in there somewhere? Entertainment Weekly posted a poll based on the news of the show, asking if men would find it as attractive to have a female architect as women do when male characters are employed as such. Thus far, all responses are pointing toward yes.