Catfish Shares A Wonderfully Human Facebook Story

Catfish LogoLast night I had the opportunity to attend a screening of the soon-to-be-released movie, “Catfish”. It was an insightful look at social networks from the human perspective, told through the story of a guy and a family that he meets through Facebook. It was both touching, entertaining, and pretty much every other human emotion all in one. Rather than being like the high-budget and sensationalized Facebook movie that will hit theaters later this year, Catfish illustrates not only just how human social networks really are, but also shows how film production has become significantly more accessible.

As a creative individual, I found the movie not only entertaining from the story itself, but inspiring, in that it was truly a human experience. In a world where we become entirely wrapped up in our own lives, this movie illustrated the relationship needs of humans and how they can be satisfied (in somewhat strange ways) through the use of Facebook. While I’d rather not spoil the entire movie, I have to say that I’ve actually come across individuals similar to the ones documented in this film. Seeing this movie forces you once again to wonder a little more about the life of the people on the other end of the network.

Given that so many movies and books have been published about Facebook in such a short period of time illustrates just how great of an impact the site has on our daily lives. Ultimately the human aspect cannot be illustrated through a single group of news feed stories, or a set of profile photos. Instead it requires the retelling of the incredible human journeys that are the site has impacted. There is no limit to the number of stories that can be produced from Facebook. I think Catfish was wonderfully human and given that this is one of the first Facebook journeys to be told on the big screen, the producers did an incredible job. I only hope that more are inspired and follow in their footsteps.

You can see the movie trailer below and become of their Facebook Page here.