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Are miBooks eBooks?

You may have heard by now of something called a miBook, which can be read on a device called a miBook Player. The player looks sort of like a fatter […]

Book Review as eBook

The BN Review, Barnes & Noble’s online, all-original book review, is doing something pretty cool: the site has enlisted cartoonist Ward Sutton to review children’s books by drawing cartoons on […]

By the Book

Years and years ago—actually when God was a boy—a DDB London copywriter named Alastair Crompton wrote more than a few good ads. If you can lay your hands on D&AD […]

Free eBooks in iBooks

Blogger Mike Cane is still taking a close look at the iBookstore, this time via the official guided tour from Apple. In his newest post he noticed something interesting–that a […]

Books, Books, and More Books (plus, Paul Buckley to boot!)

We can’t get enough of book covers. Just love the dang things. Sure, we like what’s inside them a lot too, and maybe that’s what make them all the better, […]

Kids Books And Free eBooks Dominate Books Section Of App Store

Free eBooks for a song lead the Top Paid apps in the books category of the App Store, as of 12:30 pm ET today. Spreadsong’s Free eBooks app, which includes […]

With iBooks 2 And iBooks Author, E-Book Publishing For The Masses

E-Books that originate in newsrooms are an increasingly common phenomenon. The Washington Post and POLITICO, to name two publishers, have both gotten into that business lately, and have had success […]

Gossipist Book Reading Turns Into Regular Book Reading

Our literati-leaning bro-heems at GalleyCat overlapped our all-New York media coverage today with a report about a book reading scheduled for the Bubble Lounge tonight that was supposed to feature […]

eBook Summit Book Pitch Party RSVP

December’s eBook Summit is just around the corner and to get ready, we are running a self-publishing pitch contest for the chance to go for free. As self-published titles multiply […]

Are Book Trailers the eBook Extras of the Future?

Today WNYC covered Melville House’s first annual Moby Awards–a genuine red carpet ceremony held at The Griffin in Manhattan this evening. Email here to RSVP. While many scoff at this […]