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New York Review of Books Names Ian Buruma as Its New Editor

His hire comes after the recent death of co-founding editor Robert B. Silvers.

YouTube Gets Ad Agencies to Delightfully Cram Classic Books Into Six-Second Videos

Dracula, Hamlet and more promote new ad format.

This Bookstore’s Clickbait Headlines on Facebook Are Actually the Plots of Classic Novels

Finally, a noble use of an iffy strategy.

A Bookstore Is Brilliantly Visualizing Gender Imbalance by Flipping Around All Male-Written Novels

Sometimes your shelves can send a message.

Zachary Quinto and Claire Danes Read From Classic Books in Audible’s Politically Charged Ads

Should Trump read between the lines?

Chatbooks Brings Back Its Harried Mom, Who Now Wants All Moms to Take More Selfies

Just get in the photo.

Top 11 Influencer-Recommended Books in Facebook’s #ReadToLead Campaign (Infographic)

Looking to buy someone a book for the holidays? Facebook’s #ReadToLead campaign may be able to help.

Ad of the Day: Chatbooks’ Harried Mom Returns in 2016’s Most Honest Holiday Ad Yet

How does a real mom tackle the holidays? By hiding from the kids behind a locked door, huffing cocoa powder, reliving last year's epic gift fails and using crumpled wrapping paper as Kleenex.

How This Agency Got a Deceased Author to Sign Books at a Book Fair

Literary fans love a good book signing. But absent the actual author, the next best thing might be an autograph from a mechanical arm in his or her own style. That, at least, seems to be the premise of a stunt from European online bookseller and DDB Brussels at the Antwerp Book Fair this month. To mimic the handwriting of eight popular authors, the agency worked with research and design lab Beyond to analyze their original penmanship, and build a machine to recreate it.

Google Play Books Updated With Discover Feature on Android

The Discover feature allows users to find new books by browsing reviews, news, lists, videos and more.