Catching Up on West Wing Reportage

From WaPo, “Minutiae? In This White House, Call It News“:

The Politico broke the story that the president’s aides sang “Happy Birthday” to the assistant press secretary, Nick Shapiro, and surprised him with a chocolate cake!

The Wall Street Journal scooped the nugget that the White House Office of Management and Budget chief, Peter R. Orszag, likes Diet Coke!…

Are any of these items newsworthy? (It’s not as if the country is facing two wars and an economic crisis or anything.). Well, yes, they are – a lot of Web sites, bloggers and Twitterers have deemed these developments so. While there has always been a hearty appetite for stories – and trivia – about the people in a new administration, today’s White House press corps (competing for up-to-the-second news) has elevated the most banal doings to a coveted “get.”

From ABC’s Jake Tapper’s Political Punch:

As press were filing out of the Oval Office this afternoon — after a briefing photo op with President Obama and Paul Volcker — Mr. Obama asked, “How’s Gibbs doing?”

“Great,” said the small band of reporters in the day’s press pool. “Not too bad.”

“Take whacks at him,” the president advised.

And from NYT’s The Caucus Blog today, President Obama will make an appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” on Thursday.