Casual Titles Take Over This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Games

The ghosts of Zynga apps are haunting our weekly AppData list of emerging Facebook games, defined as those still under a million monthly active users. Not the Zynga apps themselves, but game utilities: this week Farm Bonuses, and last week Frontier Bonuses.

More on these, and the actual games, after the full list:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. Farm Bonuses 573,688 +445,790 +349%
2. Pool Master 2 438,424 +297,022 +210%
3. OyunPark 684,354 +229,018 +50%
4. MyGame 811,696 +196,326 +32%
5. SuperPoke! Pets 612,935 +191,944 +46%
6. Die Herausforderung der Städte 194,833 +191,389 +5,557%
7. Fantasy Kingdoms 719,757 +172,681 +32%
8. Downhill Snowboard 202,186 +169,864 +526%
9. Puzzle Saga 623,302 +169,328 +37%
10. Crazy Cabbie 198,446 +165,953 +511%
11. Ninjas Rising 372,546 +162,018 +77%
12. David Guetta, Play with it! 169,556 +159,032 +1,511%
13. La sfida delle città 732,871 +146,813 +25%
14. tko-indonesia 224,292 +143,247 +177%
15. Sports City 563,578 +141,603 +34%
16. Gambino Poker 535,007 +136,566 +34%
17. Gold Miner World 203,300 +133,605 +192%
18. 黑手黨 349,449 +123,417 +55%
19. Farmandia 648,232 +122,228 +23%
20. Bricks Breaking 146,238 +116,390 +390%

Developer 101 Apps is pushing out the “Bonuses” line of apps, which also includesTreasure Bonuses, Cafe Bonuses, City Bonuses and more. Each scrapes over your friends’ wall posts to discover any shared items from the respective game that they track.

Many of the other 19 titles are casual games – more than usual, by a long shot. Pool Master 2, which is also number two on the list, is a perfect example. The latest from Social Point, which is currently the largest casual developer on Facebook, it’s a fairly straightforward game of video pool with almost no social features.

MyGame, Die Herausforderung der Städte, Downhill Snowboard, Crazy Cabbie, and Bricks Breakingall fit in the same casual genre, and arguably a few other titles on the list could, too.

SuperPoke! Pets is an odd name to see on the list. The Slide app hasn’t been seen in many months on our growth lists – none have, since Google bought the company for $228 million. That it’s growing could be a sign of fresh activity from Slide. On the other hand, no other Slide app is showing signs of growth.

A handful of other games deserve mention. Fantasy Kingdoms is an older, fantasy-themed farming game that just hit its highest point ever; while both Puzzle Saga and Ninjas Rising offer a break from the casual play with two very different styles of RPG, one based around puzzle combat with a cute wizard and the other on a text-based ninja adventure.