Cassidy Smacks Kaiser

Remember that “Citizen K Street” project that the Post promoted fairly heavily? It may not be going so well. The project is written by Washington Post associate editor Robert Kaiser and profiles influential lobbyist Gerald Cassidy.

On his own blog, Cassidy has slammed the Post for “gotcha journalism”:

    Today’s article by Bob Kaiser showed a serious lapse in news judgment. He reported that Loretta and I allegedly made a callous decision not to have children purely based on his notion that we were solely focused on acquiring wealth. Let me tell you, we did not get much sleep after reading this online last night. We were both stunned to read this hurtful accusation from a source that clearly has a bias against our family.

    If Bob Kaiser had asked me about this in the nearly three years of interviews I had with him, I would have told him that we, like many families across the country, were faced with a very private and personal decision early in our marriage. To suggest it was based on economics is just simply cruel. The painful fact is we could not have children on our own and made a difficult decision not to adopt.

    Bob Kaiser should be ashamed of himself for reporting such a sensational falsehood. As I have shared with you, I was skeptical early on about his motives and intentions to write such an elaborate series on me and Cassidy & Associates. At the beginning of our countless number of interviews, we made a good faith agreement that Bob referred to as his “no surprises” rule. He repeatedly assured me that he would give me an opportunity to respond to any allegations or rumors that others might suggest to him.

    Today, Bob Kaiser violated that rule and violated our trust.

    Throughout this process we were reassured by Bob’s strong reputation as a serious journalist, but his reporting today has put a big question mark next to that. I can only hope that this grossly unfair attack on my wife and me is not evidence of his further examination of my life.