Cartoons & Cocktails and the Full Monty

Washingtonian’s Harry Jaffe and daughter, Rose

A mysterious hand model holds a martini.

Something needed to perk up the subdued crowd at the Newseum’s Cartoon & Cocktails last night. And Carol Knopes, Director of Education Projects for the Radio TV News Directors Foundation, was just the woman to do it. She began low-key with a few Qadaffi jokes, saying, “If the Qadaffi family is in the back of the room, I’m sorry about all this.” The second Qadaffi joke came minutes later as she announced that they were getting in the first Qadaffi cartoon, you know, the one after he was assassinated.

If that sounds tame, she grew racier as the evening wore on as the quiet crowd bid on the cartoons of some 60 artists. At one point Knopes twirled around on stage and remarked, “I’m going to give you the full monty here,” she said, although she never made good on her promise.

The gimmicky night included a string of auctioneers that included Washingtonian‘s National Editor Harry Jaffe and Politico‘s Ken Vogel. C-SPAN Communications Director Howard Mortman was spotted in the crowd. Jaffe was there with his daughter, Rose, a cartoonist who has published work in the Michigan Daily. Astonishingly, a Newseum employee (who shall remain nameless) asked Rose how often the Michigan Daily comes out. She politely told him daily.

Jaffe hammed it up on stage. “How did I get so lucky to follow Carol?” he asked. “Do I have to take my clothes off?” Vogel, meanwhile, was having trouble reaching the minimum bid on a Donald Trump/Sarah Palin cartoon. “I spent months with her up there in Alaska,” Vogel pleaded to the crowd. “You owe me.”

Knopes, Ms. Full Monty herself, cracked on Vogel, saying, “Are you filing while we’re sitting here? Everyone at Politico seems to have nine jobs.” Vogel may have heard her, but he didn’t react.

She swiftly moved on to a joke involving the Wonder Bra.

A cartoon with former House Maj. Leader Tom DeLay.