Carr to Kurtz: ‘Many of the People That I Write About Are Currently Writing About Me’

Carrggkurtz-1.pngRemember how last month that weird, rather skeptical story went out that WaPo‘s Howie Kurtz and the NYT‘s media columnist David Carr were involved in some sort of feud over how Kurtz had described Carr’s just released memoir Night of the Gun? Well looks like that was all water under the bridge! (Though, the entire story didn’t actually hold much water for us to begin with.) Carr appeared as a guest on Kurtz’s CNN show Reliable Sources this weekend to discuss his book and had this to say about the fallout of his memoir with regards to his job.

KURTZ: Well, now that you have laid this all out there in the book — it was excerpted in The New York Times magazine — do you think it may be a little harder for you to work as a reporter with all the sources, the people you deal with professionally, knowing your deep, dark secrets.

CARR: You know, two weeks ago I would have said, Howard, that is a nonissue. Not going to happen. But right now, I’m in the thicket of coverage, and many of the people that I write about are currently writing about me. And it’s created at least a temporary sort of problem for me.

In terms of what the long-term implications for my career, it’s — you know, it’s difficult for me to measure at this point. But I’ve had a massively positive reception. I’m pretty proud of the book. People seem to like it. People seem OK with the guy that wrote it. And probably most importantly, my bosses think it’s a really good book.