Carr on How Newspapers Might Save Themselves

SmokeFilledRoom-001.jpgDavid Carr has jumped back into the ‘how to save newspapers’ fray. Part of his future of newspaper fantasy involves media heads coming together in some cigar smoke filled back room and deciding to join forces to eliminate free content and aggregation (an idea Jon Fine has also toyed with):

A rump caucus could form where the newspaper industry would decide to hold hands and jump off the following cliffs together…

The big threat would be that newspapers could lose the readers they have, lots of them. The mitigating factor is that a lot of those readers aren’t paying anyway. And keep in mind that people are already paying for quality content all over the Web

Carr concedes such a meeting is unlikely to take place, however he does argue that the Newspaper Preservation Act should be abolished in order to allow newspapers to work together — one big paper is better than none!