Careers On The Move

While jobs in media maybe vanishing like the dinosaurs, there is still hope on the horizon. Jobs in other sectors are actually expanding and with a little reevaluation, you might find your skills are applicable to a variety of new openings that are emerging. MediaJobsDaily would like to bring your attention to jobs that might fly under the radar or escape your attention as viable opportunities.

Community Manager
In this era of web 2.0 a new job is evolving that is one part publicist, one part marketer and one part journalist. For many companies the role of the community manager is still being formed, but the majority of people in this position agree that the key element is to listen and report. Community managers typically tend a company blog, respond to user questions on a multitude of platforms&#151like Frank at Comcast’s Twitter page&#151and bring information from users/customers back to the company.

Jeremiah Owyang, formerly a community manager at Hitachi Data Systems, broke his role down like this:

1. Listen: Use listening tools like Technorati, Talkdigger, read blogs, forums, wikis, to find out what customers are saying
2. Respond: Depending on what’s being said, respond quickly when appropriate
3. Inform: Tell the right stakeholders in the company what’s happening, this can range from Engineering, Product Management, Product Marketing, PR, Marketing, Bloggers, or forums moderators.
4. Listen more: Keep on listening, responding, informing, and connecting the right folks. A community manager is an odd looking being, big ears and eyes, and a small mouth.

As brands reach out and try to connect with their audience in the direct manner that the web now demands, openings for community managers will begin appearing more and more. For further information about being a community manager, check out