Captured CBS Photog Rescued

0414butler.jpgA CBS photographer who has been held hostage in Iraq for two months is now safe. Richard Butler was rescued by Iraqi forces during a military operation in Basra on Sunday. Butler, a British citizen, was found during a sweep of the Jibiliya neighborhood.

According to Iraqi military spokesperson Mohammed al-Askari:

“An army patrol conducting a search came under fire from the house where Butler was being held. One of the gunmen was wounded in an exchange of fire and another captured while two men managed to escape.”

Over at the Times, Erica Goode and Graham Bowley have more info.

In a statement, CBS News president Sean McManus said “so many people, both inside CBS News and outside, have been working tirelessly on Richard’s behalf […] We are deeply grateful to all who have worked so hard to make this day a reality.”