Cape Town Gets The Ball Rolling


Geez. We’re slowly picking up on that thing we in the US kept hearing during the World Cup: the rest of the world can’t get enough of it. Hence why, it seems, every couple of days we’ve been finding reports about the 2010 games, even before these last ones were over with. But that’s neither here nor there, as, even if you don’t like football, soccer, or as we call it, “roundy kicky ball,” building six brand new, gigantic stadiums in South Africa to prep for the games (heck, building multiple really big anythings in four years) is interesting news. That said, the first look at the big idea for the Cape Town stadium, while will seat over 68,000 people, was just unveiled this weekend. Not blueprints or a model or anything, just some artist’s renderings of the thing. Only found this one possible look at the drawing, but if you do find yourself at the Cape Town Civic Centre, the article does state that the rezoning report is now available. On your flight over to go take a look, in addition to us talking about them a few weeks back, here’s a story about gmp, the architects who are working on the new stadiums.