Candy’s Debut, Slimdown, Tulips and Women

Candy slimdown.jpg

CNN’s Candy Crowley has dropped five dress sizes. It was evident in her debut appearance Sunday of the show she now hosts, “State of the Union.” And people around town are noticing.

“Girlfriend totally looks like a different person,” said a source who occasionally runs into her doing errands.

As reported by our sister site TVNewser: Crowley won’t disclose how many pounds she’s lost, but says she’s down five dress sizes. She doesn’t own a scale. Exercise, diet and transcendental meditation led to the transformation, she says, which she embarked on to feel better, not to be an anchor.

Sunday’s show had girly touches on set, such as pink and yellow tulips in the background. There was also more estrogen on the whole – her first guest being Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and a panel in which two of the three guests were women – CNN’s Dana Bash (wife of former “State of the Union” host CNN’s John King) and The New Yorker’s Jane Mayer. The third guest on the panel was WaPo’s Chris Cillizza, who said he didn’t feel outnumbered by the female-dominated show.

“It was an honor to be on Candy’s maiden voyage,” Cillizza wrote FishbowlDC by e-mail. “To be alongside Jane and Dana made it all the better. I really couldn’t be more thrilled for Candy — a great newswoman an even greater person.”

And Candymania continues…