Canadian Travelers Have Little Love for LAX

Just in time for the American currency version of Thanksgiving, our friends north of the border have chimed in with their vote for worst U.S. airports. With 17.5% of the online tally, LAX came in second behind Chicago’s O’Hare.

Per today’s tarmac turkeys press release, a variety of factors contributed to the “Bad airport, eh?” ratings, compiled from 738 respondents via

In order, the negative flashpoints were: overcrowding (28.7%); bad service (17.9%); slow security (16%); run down airports (13.9%); other (11%); lack of good places to eat or drink (5.9%); uncomfortable seats in lounges (4.1%); and a lack of entertainment amenities (2.0%).

We’re guessing that in the “Other” category for LAX, a few Canadians may have been disappointed by the lack of celebrity sightings upon their U.S. arrival. Perhaps the city’s airport officials should consider sprinkling a celebrity impersonator or two into the baggage claim and porter employee ranks. Couldn’t hurt.