Canada Recognizes Designers At 51 Cents A Pop


What’s sexier than stamps? The answer is “nothing.” And if you try and say otherwise, well, you’re just looking for a fight. Icongrada’s got a nice story up right now about the release of the new Canadian stamp that honors the 50th anniversary of The Society of Graphic Designers of Canada. It’s fantastic that the government is doing something like this, overtly honoring design as they are, instead of, say, young and old Elvi (the plural of “Elvis”), and it’s a gorgeous little creation to boot. Here’s the story on its design:

This 50 anniversary stamp is the result of a collaborative effort between Rod Roodenburg, David Coates, and Len Yambot of Vancouver’s Ion Design Inc. It is an intriguing piece of work, as the rather minimalist design features a stylized lower case “g” that also forms a unique graphic of a beaver, a treasured Canadian symbol and the subject of Canada’s very first postage stamp. “When you first look at it,” Coates says, “you see simple lines, you see the type treatment. But then you look closer and you see the other levels, you recognize the iconic aspects. That’s what design is about.”