Can I Lick Your Face?: Sexy, Awkward Facebook Messages, Read Aloud For Your Pleasure

You might recall that, last month, a Facebook glitch resulted in several hundred private messages being sent to the wrong users. The mix-up was widespread enough to warrant an article in the Wall Street Journal.

Among the recipients of these misdirected messages were Sports Illustrated reporter Pablo Torre and editor Zach Seward. The messages, which ran the gamut from heartfelt to flirtatious to inane, included such gems as “I miss my perfect sex slave.” Don’t we all, stranger. Don’t we all.

Of course, we all know what happens when writers or editors get their hands on something juicy/mundane – they organize an event to share it with as many people as possible. In that spirit, the invitation to the event is after the jump. Bring a loved one. Or a friend. Or that guy from three weeks ago with whom “It’s Complicated” because he has a sort-of girlfriend in Nebraska.