Can Facebook Save the Economy?

I gotta be honest, over the past few days it has become extremely difficult to find good content for this blog. No matter where I look all I hear is more news about the Bear Sterns/JP Morgan deal, a crumbling dollar and everything else that could possibly go wrong economically appears in the news the next morning. So how do I remain optimistic during these trying times? I log into Facebook and find out how my friends are doing!

Just yesterday I saw photos of my friends enjoying St. Patrick’s day, friend requests from potential future friends, the bracket picks from … well I saw my own bracket picks because I can’t view my friends’ just yet but you know what I mean. When life takes a turn for the worse we turn to our friends, family and all our other loved ones. Facebook is now one of those places that I turn to gain some sort of clarity even though I have countless messages in my inbox and a ridiculous number of friend requests that I would sound arrogant for complaining about.

While sometimes the world just sucks, we all are still there for each other to share the times with. Don’t call me sentimental but no matter what happens in this world my twitter friends keep on tweeting and my Facebook friends keep on living their lives. It’s a little bit refreshing to step back and realize that maybe things aren’t really that bad. So this morning I’m going to take a few minutes to think about the things I’m grateful for.

I know I love to call out all the negative things surrounding Facebook, the world and just about everything else on a daily basis because it makes for a great headline. Today though, while Facebook can’t fix all that is wrong in this world it can most definitely help me find a little bit of what’s right. So add me as a friend and say hello because today is not as bad as the world may try to make it out to be.