Can Delhi Make the Games Look Good?

Delhi’s preparation for the Commonwealth Games has received little good press lately. A New Straits Times story looks at the mess unfolding, from criticism of housing to athletes pulling out and delaying arrival in the final week ahead of opening ceremony.

It gives a laundry list of problems, including structural collapses, unexpectedly high costs, dengue fever outbreak, child labor concerns, and fears of terrorist attacks. The article is heavy-handed in its analysis of the situation:

“Delhi is being run ragged with regard to damage control while the powers that be seem content with simply assuring the world that everything will eventually work out in the end. It feels like it should be a pantomime, like something that should be funny. If only it wasn’t so tragic.”

It goes on to say that the potential for a successful outcome should drive positive results. “And if all else fails, then avoiding a national embarrassment is just as potent a motivator.”

The BBC reported today that “as much as a fifth of the accommodation at the athletes’ village is still not ready for Sunday’s opening.