Can Cool Cathy School Calistra in Conservative Culture?

On ABC’s Brothers and Sisters, a night-time soap debuting in September, Calista Flockhart will play a conservative pundit and why not? She’s blonde, bony and according to EP Ken Olin, not insane, so she’s obviously not Ann Coulter. I’ve met Ann Coulter and she seemed perfectly nice to me, but Ken hasn’t had the pleasure and so, only goes by what he sees on TV. (What if everyone did that, Mr. Michael Steadman?)

Calista’s supposed to be a

sort of Eisenhower Republican, the William Buckley conservative

As it’s safe to say that Calista hasn’t met either gent, I think ABC should treat Calista to a little mental exercise in the name of research, and I’ve got just the trainer for her. The Pilates of Pundits: Cathy Seipp (disclosure: she suggested us FBLA).

Calista can start by reading Cathy’s blog and her National Review column. This week, Miss Seipp finds a lot to love in the fall TV lineup. And she’s especially happy with our favorite Gene Simmons’ new reality show on A & E, probably because of this sort of thing:

This notion of parents having to go negotiate with their children who just learned to wipe their butts is out of the question.

Cathy was a regular on the Dennis Miller Show, and Calista would be very wise to study those tapes. The true conservative knows how to stay cool when things get hot.