Can Alexander Wang Make Samsung as Fashionable as Apple?

Apple‘s latest PR push and disappointing iPhone 5 sales have led some to wonder: Is Steve Jobs‘s baby no longer the king of all things cool? Have Samsung and Microsoft somehow managed to knock the reigning tech nerds off their perch?

We wouldn’t go that far, but it’s clear that Apple’s cheaper, less fashionable competitors are upping their game. This week, for example, Samsung officially launched a Galaxy promo campaign designed to combine several untouchably cool elements: New York Fashion Week, crowdsourcing and red-hot designer/Balenciaga creative director Alexander Wang. The campaign’s first video spot, released yesterday and titled “Be Creative”, shows Wang using his Galaxy Note II to do just that:

Wang and Samsung have also encouraged some of the designer’s industry friends to submit their sketches for a limited edition bag that will supposedly be “the industry’s first co-created print inspired by crowdsourced sketches and images”. The final product will feature a composite of Wang’s favorite submissions, and all profits will go to Art Start, a charity that sponsors art classes for at-risk kids.

We don’t know that this project would technically qualify as crowdsourcing since it’s not open to the public, but it is certainly an effective way to challenge the popular notion that all truly creative people prefer Apple products. (Good work all around, but we’re going to stick with our iPhones.)