Campaigns Race To Get Word Out in Final 24 Hours Before Vote, Twitter Included

Election day is tomorrow, and the press teams of several of the high profile races are working overtime to make sure not a minute of time is wasted. Particularly, gubernatorial campaigns in New Jersey and Virgina have attracted attention. In New Jersey, incumbent Jon Corzine (D) is up against Chris Christie (R). In Virgina Robert F. McDonnell (R) is up against R. Creigh Deeds (D).

Corzine press secretary Elisabeth Smith’s last Twitter update states, “Lots o polling. All gonna come down to turnout tomorrow.” Christie spokeswoman Maria Comella posted this morning, “Last day of the bus tour. New polls out today show Chris with lead, but this is still a close race.”

In the Virginia race, McDonnell press secretary Taylor Thornley’s last tweet is from 10/27, where she highlighted favorable polling results for her candidate. Deeds Communications Director Jared Leopold’s feed is heavy on re-tweets, the last of which is a picture of a campaign stop in Hampton Roads.

At a White House press briefing last week, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, when asked about the governor’s races, said, “I don’t think they portend a lot.” However, President Obama spent yesterday at two major Corzine rallies in Newark and Camden, New Jersey. New Jersey is the closer race as the Quinnipiac poll this morning shows it is in a “statistical tie.”