Hollywood’s Funny Women Benefit from ‘Bad Teacher’

Much was made about Bridesmaids when it debuted last month, not just because of the Wilson Phillips cameo, but also because it was a comedy starring women that was a bonafide hit.

Well now we have two hits starring people of the female persuasion. The Cameron Diaz movie Bad Teacher came in at number two in the weekend box office, despite some OK reviews.

Not only could the film continue to bolster funny women in Hollywood (there are a good number of them that go under-appreciated, as far as I’m concerned), but it will likely do good things for Diaz.

New York magazine takes a closer look at Diaz’s movie career, saying that she’s a moneymaker in comedies. Moreover, publicists weigh in on her bankability.

“I love her so much, I’m not sure I can speak objectively. She comes across as warm, funny, charismatic — and she is, too. I still consider her a huge star; plus, she’s on the cover of Cosmo,” says one publicist.

Still, New York says her stock is a “weak hold.” Harsh.