Calvin Coolidge Foundation Announces Pair of Journalism Prizes

CalvinCoolidgeFoundationLogoThe coolest thing about the two new awards endowed by the Calvin Coolidge Memorial Foundation are the prize names.

Per chief political columnist and White House correspondent John Gizzi, “The Calvin” will funnel a $1,500 scholarship to a Vermont resident under the age of 20 while “The Coolidge” is open to all and comes with a much larger cash prize of $20,000. Grizzi also reminds of the 30th President’s intriguing journalism background:

A little-known fact about Coolidge is that, after leaving the White House, he wrote a syndicated newspaper column entitled “Calvin Coolidge Says.” The McClure Syndicate soon found that the column was so popular that it was carried in Japanese papers.

For one year, Coolidge wrote a column on current affairs six days a week and had it wired in to meet deadline. True to form, the columnist never sent editors a column more than 150 or 200 words because if he submitted anything more than that to editors, he explained, “it might put them out.”

Fascinating. Sounds like Coolidge, along with his celebrated fiscally responsible policies, was way ahead of the blog curve. The prizes will be presented November 12 at New York’s Four Seasons Hotel at a dinner featuring a speech by former Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker.

Update (November 13):
Congrats to Wall Street Journal columnist/editorial board member Holman W. Jenkins and Vermont writer Abigail Millard. The pair were announced and honored respectively at the Tuesday November 12 NYC dinner.