Calculating the Costs of our Mobile Social Addiction [Infographic]

Mobile devices infuse our lives with convenience, but they also create disadvantages in the form of social media addictions – a time sponge that eats up data and resources. Once you start calculating the cost of constant connectivity, it’s actually astonishing how much social media is draining our time and money.

According to this infographic from liGo – just being on Facebook could cost you as much as $470.85 in data each year (calculated at $0.60/20MB). That’s one hour of browsing, uploading one photo and viewing ten others. Add Pandora and Spotify to that and you’re seeing much higher charges. Maybe it’s time to switch to wi-fi?

Not only is social media draining our income, constantly connected is also a hazard. Using a smartphone for social networking is more addictive and dangerous than cannabis or alcohol. It causes more accidents by decreasing our reaction time when we drive – not to mention all of those texts we’re sending and receiving.

If we can avoid the car accidents and absurdly high phone bills, we can also suffer from loneliness and depression just from being on Facebook. It’s an emotional drain that’s hard to avoid because it’s always in our pocket.

Social Media! I thought we were friends? I kid. I love you Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, Linked In, Twitter, Google Plus,… can we just get along a little better? Besides, once I get 150 of you guys, I can’t add any more, so shape up!

Full infographic here:



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