Cablevision, Newsday Union Agree on Deal

Last week we mentioned that Cablevision had offered a sweetened union contract to Newsday employees. The New York Post reports that the union has accepted the contract by a 310 to 141 vote.
Under the new deal, most workers will receive a 5 percent cut in pay over the next three years while the truckers will suffer a 10 percent cut in pay (I wonder where the 141 ‘No’ votes came from). The sweetened deal offered last week provides a slight pump in the pension, once the pay cuts end in 2013.

Although the deal is done, the local 406 President Michael O’Connor told the Post “There is nobody who voted ‘yes’ who is happy about this contract.”

Newsday publisher Terry Jimenez, however, is thrilled, as our sister site FishbowlNY points out.

“We are pleased with the vote’s outcome and I thank our union colleagues for their partnership. I am committed to working together to make our brand and our business even greater for readers and advertisers for years to come,” said Jimenez in a statement.