C-SPAN Continues C-SPAN3 Tweaks

FishbowlDC has obtained the following internal staff memo from C-SPAN’s Rob Kennedy:

Our preparations to test a new programming approach on C-SPAN3 continue as we look to stay competitive in the public affairs marketplace. This summer, we’re going to test internally a daily “hosted public affairs” approach to our on-air programming and look to integrate some of our new content for the web, as well as incorporating new technology and roles as we produce our product.

We’ve assembled a small team of people to join Richard Weinstein and Robert Browning in helping us execute the test including Greg Czzowitz, Tim Gray, Jonelle Henry, Brendan McQuaid, Seeno Merobshoev, Andrew Nason and Tony Pronko. The team will work from June 25th through August 8th, although some preliminary technical set up may begin as early as June 9th. Initial work by the test team will include paper testing, evaluating and training on equipment and at some point in July the team will produce four hours a day of an actual editorial product. The four-hour daily production will be an internal test only — available on an in-house channel — it will not be available outside C-SPAN. At the conclusion of the test, the team will return to their regular assignments in time for our convention and general election coverage. We’ll use the time between the end of the test and the Conventions to evaluate what we learned so we can report our progress to our Board of Directors at their upcoming meeting in September.

Due to the staffing shifts for our test and to best prepare for the importance of our upcoming political convention and general election coverage, we’ve made the decision to cease offering Capital News headlines onscreen and online. It is our hope that C-SPAN3’s editorial product, as it progresses, will build on the work that the Capital News team has done to keep interested viewers up-to-date in the public affairs and public policy arena. Due to this, we’ll make the following staff changes:

  • Norma Gleason will return as a Programming Operations Control Room Producer
  • David Monack will remain in Programming Operations as an Associate Producer
  • Mark Rodeffer will temporarily work with Susan Bundock’s team in the Programming Dept. as a Producer

    We’ll have additional updates when we begin our test. And, as the test progresses we’ll be actively seeking your feedback.