BYT Announces LNS for District Hipsters

Brightest Young Things, an online paradise for DC hipsters has launched their own version of

Check out the announce from BYT’s Svetlana Legetic:

Dear everyone,

Starting today, BrightestYoungThings.Com welcomes a new, petulent, younger sister into the fold: our very own message board. So God help us.

Please feel free to roll on in, join and start using and abusing it for all your needs: talk nice and smack talk, finding out about that rando you made out with last night, actual constructive opinions, roommate searches, other searches, talking about how sweet that last night’s party/show/fireside chat was, fashions, passions, BLIND ITEMS, tips for BYT and more. the world-it is your oyster.
as they say-start some shit. anonymously or as part of our family oh yeah, and tell all your friends and media outlets.

Svetlana Legetic
Editrix – BrightestYoungThings.Com

You can check it out here.