Horizon Media Jumps Aboard BuzzFeed Social Storytelling Progam

For the time being, this BuzzFeed list is very short.

But there’s little doubt it will quickly grow beyond the single media agency announced this week as having joined the website’s Social Storytelling Program:

Horizon Media and its clients will collaborate with BuzzFeed’s creative team on best practices for content creation and social advertising. The new partnership will allow the agency to use and respond in real time to the performance of branded content using BuzzFeed’s Social Dashboard and Social Brand Lift research methodology.

We’re not sure if some sort of document that can be framed comes with “BuzzFeed Social Storyteller accreditation.” But if there isn’t, there really should be.

BuzzFeed continues to lead the way when it comes to the same sort of collaborative 21st century methods the Orange County Register is trying to perfect on the west coast newspaper print side. The sight of a BuzzFeed “diploma” could become a badge of honor in NYC media agency circles.

Starting with the office of Taylor Valentine, senior vice president of social media strategy at Horizon. The company, voted in 2011 and 2012 by Ad Age as one of the best places to work, has great offices, an endless list of services and fun YouTube channel.