Buy, Sell, Swap, and Network at

fashionspace_logo.jpgFor anyone who works or plays in the fashion & arts industry, new social networking and fashion trading site Fashionspace is the place to make a presence in. Fashionspace belongs to the emerging trend in the web 2.0 world more popularly know as “social trading.” is for designers, creatives or anyone interested in fashion. As a social networking site, it lets you create a profile, blog, participate in a forum and fashion groups, fashion events, post on message walls, updates and networks with friends.

As a social trading site, lets you do three fashion related things:

  1. Buy – Fashionspace lets you find rare fashion items, shop at online boutiques that features anything from customized trainers to handmade jewellery. Paying for rate items that you buy is done through online transaction via PayPal.
  2. Sell – You can sell your items at Fashionspace by registering an account first with your PayPal account as well. Fashionspace enforce a clear return policy to ensure that members are given the chance to return items which don’t fit them. Since online shopping will not give consumers a chance to try items before buying them, sellers must entertain return transactions.
  3. Swap – You can also opt to swap fashion items with others by using Fashionspace’s swapping corner. You can put up a list of items you have as well as items that you prefer for swapping. You may choose to accept or decline offers given to you and you can make offers yourself as well.

Fashionspace looks promising and might stand a chance of making it big in the online fashion industry in due time. The Fashionspace portal is sleek looking and really projects an aura of sophistication common to the fashion world.

So if you are a fashionista, you might want to give Fashionspace a look. Just don’t splurge too much for items that you might find interesting and blame me later on after spending too much.