Buy Groceries Wih Coupons On Your Cell Phone

MediaPost reports that some of the leading U.S. packaged-goods companies are teaming up with grocery retailer Kroger to test a system for distributing electronic coupons to mobile devices:

“The test campaign, based on Cellfire’s technology for managing shopping lists on mobile devices, will target 25- to-34-year-olds with coupons for home and baby-care products from Clorox, Del Monte, General Mills, Kimberly-Clark, and Procter & Gamble.”

Here’s how it works: Using Cellfire, the consumer surveys available discounted goods on their mobile device and composes a list of items they want to buy, the article said. Cellfire then communicates the list to Kroger, “which automatically deducts the discount from the price at the cash register.”

Mobile coupons are generating a lot of interest as of late, with everyone from ski resorts to SuperCuts getting into the game.