If You Buy Twitter Followers, You’ll Regret It

We’ve told you before that buying Twitter followers does not work, but it appears to be time for a refresher.


Thanks to the website Fiverr, it’s cheaper than ever before – and people are openly and unabashedly buying these services.

Fiverr is a site where folks can buy and sell products and services for five dollars. It’s a great way for imaginative folks to make some quick cash – and it’s also a place where one can buy Twitter followers. Fake Twitter followers.

Here’s a popular one, offering 3,200 followers.

And it has had many takers. 196 so far, to be exact. And another, similar offer, has had 435 takers. One of them has her own Fiverr offering and guess what she’s peddling?

Just ew.

Think it doesn’t work? According to Gizmodo, it does. And not only can you buy fake Twitter followers for yourself, you can also buy them for an unsuspecting friend. That could really ruin a person’s day if they care about such things – and many do. And for good reason.

Beyond sporting a follower count that, upon investigation, largely consists of faceless eggs that are obvious non-tweeting fakes, you will be telling people much more about yourself than you probably would like – such as:

  • You think you’re smarter than everyone else (“They’ll never know.”)
  • You’re deceptive and make no apology for it (“So what if I do this? Who cares?”)
  • You have low self-esteem. Much like a fast car, an inflated follower count will not fix this.
  • You’re a fraud.

This last one is the most important as misguided Twitter novices might think this boost is a good idea, when it’s actually a credibility killer.

Have you ever tried one of these services? Would you? Tell us about it.

Update: Please note that many of the comments supporting this practice below appear to be from places selling these services, so take their ‘advice’ as such and proceed with caution! I was deleting the more blatant examples, but they keep coming.

(Girl buying something image from Shutterstock)

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