BUSTED: Meghan McCain Ain't Got No Alibi on Twitter

Ever told one person you were too tied up to make his or her party when you were really just planning to party with someone else? I hope you were at least smart enough not to advertise your real plans publicly online. This week, Meghan McCain — daughter of John McCain and author of new memoir Dirty Sexy Politics — did just that when she revealed that she played hooky on Twitter. She might have something to say about dirty politics, but the people she snubbed might have something to say about her dirty etiquette.

According to the Washington Post’s Reliable Source column, Ms. McCain was due to appear at Juniata College on Thursday as part of her book tour. She canceled the appearance three days in advance, alluding to an Important Professional To-Do list that was keeping her away. Such short notice was already verging on rude, but the way the situation played out on Meghan’s Twitter really put her in the fire.

After she canceled at Juniata, she proceeded to tweet on Wednesday that she was enjoying her first time off in months, and then proceeded to post six tweets about her trip to Las Vegas, mostly about her apparently scarring experience with hotels:

Her Twitter account currently has 90,712 followers, and of course she’s big-time enough to have one of those “verified account” check marks. So a little more discretion might have done her a whole lot of good. On the other hand, since she is in the middle of a publicity whirlwind with her book tour, maybe any press is good press. Ethically speaking, she shouldn’t have lied to Juniata College — but would it have made her more honest if she had lied about her whereabouts on Twitter also?

The odd fact remains, however, that she advertises her Twitter page right on her Website, which is currently all about promoting her book tour. (On the front page of her Website, she still brazenly lists Juniata College as a book tour stop, as if nothing went wrong.) Do you judge Meghan McCain for this?