Business-Oriented Tools Appear on This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Apps

This week’s AppData list of emerging Facebook apps, defined as those still under a million monthly active users, is full of lightweight “for fun” apps and fewer actual games than usual. There are also, in the lists’s lower reaches, some more interesting and functional non-game apps. Take a look:

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. App_2_130972710269090_3907 Social Statistics 875,401 +737,688 +536%
2. Original xo Hearts xo 985,666 +664,784 +207%
3. App_2_100569610004322_2416 لعبة الحقيقة 419,133 +414,164 +8,335%
4. App_2_129547877091100_7928 Crime City 628,109 +301,947 +93%
5. App_2_146340918729491_2110 BRAAAINS 225,207 +221,356 +5,748%
6. App_2_108622189194930_5569 Death Calculator 340,749 +218,246 +178%
7. App_2_44856213161_1533 Cupcake Corner 959,457 +208,045 +28%
8. App_2_124906320895632_5894 Most Mutual Friends 199,483 +199,083 +49,771%
9. Original Your statistics 346,665 +195,083 +129%
10. Original JibJab 599,137 +189,625 +46%
11. Original Fan Appz 612,074 +175,952 +40%
12. App_2_128009963879156_9300 Toy Land 752,563 +163,761 +28%
13. Original Fun Cards – Halloween & More! 608,148 +160,130 +36%
14. App_2_119866281385524_978 Wheel Of Fortune 396,461 +148,096 +60%
15. App_2_120659861321435_49 Coffee Bar 201,174 +148,006 +278%
16. App_2_134506053246185_635 PicBadges 210,054 +136,820 +187%
17. App_2_112078882147346_1945 PM Welcome Tab 651,253 +130,847 +25%
18. App_2_132112723494733_5710 Jersey Shore 660,755 +129,919 +24%
19. App_2_152961614736387_6694 Seninle aynı gün doğan ünlüler 154,198 +124,905 +426%
20. App_2_385041300032_4073 328,873 +124,333 +61%

Social Statistics, xo Hearts xo and لعبة الحقيقة, the first three apps on the list, neatly summarize the sort of apps that can easily grow MAU on Facebook: in turn, they are a profile analyzer, gifting app and friend quiz.

Crime City, the first game on the list, is an interesting graphical update on the old Mafia Wars-style game that most Facebook users are familiar with. For more on the other games, including the zombie fighting title BRAAAINS, head over to this morning’s list on Inside Social Games.

Death Calculator, Most Mutual Friends and Your statistics are mostly in the same category as the above apps, comprising a death calculator (obviously) and two more profile analyzers.

Fan Appz is a bit more interesting. This app is build for businesses to perform Page management on Facebook, with a number of ready-to-use components. It actually had higher MAU in August, but took a considerable dip in late September; it’s now working back toward its all-time high of 718,478 MAU. Similarly, PM Welcome Tab, at number 17, offers content management for Page owners.

Finally, PicBadges returns us to a consumer focus, with mostly cause-related badges that people can place atop their profile photos, as in the examples to the right.