Bush Compares Himself To Zuckerberg In Book Tour Interview

As part of his book tour for his new book Decision Points, yesterday former president George Bush did an interview with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. The unusual meeting was live streamed on the social network at 2pm PT on Monday afternoon. In the interview, Bush said he was an iPad user and asked listeners to buy his book in print and electronically.

Bush also related to Zuckerberg in the interview. He compared his time in the White House with Zuckerberg’s leadership of the social networking site. The Guardian UK has more: “They both, Bush said, had had to make quick and difficult decisions based on common sense. They both shared a passion for education, which Zuckerberg has recently embraced, donating $100m to state schools in Newark, New Jersey.”

They have also both faced a lot of criticism. But despite Zuckerberg’s indiscretion when it comes to privacy and business partnerships, the former president is guilty of a lot worse, having started a questionable war and almost abandoned Katrina victims, as he admits in his book.

To see the whole video, follow this link.