Burger’s Birthday

Who showed up to Morton’s last night for a birthday party for Bloomberg’s Tim Burger? We did our best to remember…

Michael “Why did you buy those shoes before talking to me?” Steel, Mark “Hey, it’s my birthday, too!” Paustenbach, Jackie “I’m going to the ghetto” Kucinich, Anne “Hi” Schroeder “Bye” Mullins, Matt “I’m the champagne guy” Lauer, Taylor “Have some of my steak” Griffin, Jay “You called me a guy” Newton Small, Doug “You’ve really created something” Heye, Erin “Sssh” McPike, Kevin “Stop asking me about my next move” Madden, Brain “JibJab” Walsh, John “Here, have a seat” Stanton, Garance “I don’t speak French” Franke-Ruta, Tom “the ladies gravitate to me” Toles, Nora “he’s my brother” McAlvanah, Chris “Are you really filing from here?” Berry, Alex “I was sitting next to you at the dinner table!” Isenstadt, Paul “Sorry I couldn’t make it to McCools” Kane, Edie “Just go crash their dinner party” Emery, Janet “There’s green in the Rainbow” Donovan, Jennifer “Let’s talk about eyebrows” Stoltz, (running out of creativity, sorry) John Wilke, Michael Hacker, John Feehery, Chris Stern and a woman described to us as “some rando WJLA girl whose name I don’t know” and “Caroline whatshername from WJLA.”

And, of course, Karen Hanretty, who called the party “the hottest ticket in town.”

(Who did we miss?)