Burger King Launches the Best PR Strategy Ever Witnessed by the Human Race

As public relations professional we are constantly extolling the virtues of listening to the public.

Sadly, many brands feel most comfortable being A-type personalities and feel as if they must own the marketing room whenever they decide to walk into it. What does the public want? Why, we’ll tell them what they want. Though this strategy exudes confidence, it also requires significant energy and a product and service to back up a grandiose brand promise.

Telling the public what they want is like teaching a cat to play golf. Cats don’t like to play golf. Cats like to do cat things. The public likes do public things. And what does the public like to do? Put french fries in its burgers. In fact, the public has been sticking french fries in its burgers since the 1970s at least, and probably long before then.

Burger King, exercising our sage advice that it is always a good idea to listen to the public, to study the public, to talk to the public and hold the public’s hand and ask if everything is okay, and then go back to corporate headquarters and start brainstorming PR strategies and marketing campaigns. The public will show you what they want; brands just have to pay attention.

And that’s why we can say with complete confidence that Burger King has managed to implement one of the greatest and most profoundly simple PR strategies ever seen on the planet earth. At some point, at some time, a Burger King employee must have witnessed a customer sticking french fries between the buns of a hamburger. In fact, someone reading this blog post may have even done this very same thing before. Why? Because it’s fun. Because it’s delicious. Because it’s efficient–who wants to have to reach for the fries?

So starting this September, Burger King will officially unleash the $1 “French Fry Burger” unto the world. And the public will celebrate. Because this is what we want. And Burger King listened. Those geniuses. They get us. And, after all, what could be easier than not having to reach for your french fries? Having someone else put them in the hamburger for you. Well played, Burger King.