Bulldog Reporter Publisher Leading Attack Against California Newspaper


The Berkeley Daily Planet, a Berkeley, California based newspaper, is under attack by a “small but vociferous group of critics” including Infocom Group publisher Jim Sinkinson, whose properties include the Bulldog Reporter, The New York Times reports. The group alleges that the newspaper’s reader submitted articles contain, “too many letters and other commentary pieces critical of Israel.”

Sinkinson told the Times that the newspaper’s editor, Becky O’Malley, “is addicted to anti-Israel expression just as an alcoholic is to drinking…If she wants to serve and please the East Bay Jewish community, she would be safer avoiding the subject entirely.”

It seems the Jewish community is not united on Sinkinson’s stance. “I don’t think anyone in the organized Jewish community is involved in this in any way,” The Anti-Defamation League’s regional director in San Francisco, Jonathan Bernstein, told the Times. It is worth noting that a reporter for the paper resigned last year, after accusing O’Malley of “shaping articles around her own political views.”