Building on Existing Buzz for ‘LENNONYC’ Screening

Saturday, October 9 would’ve been John Lennon’s 70th birthday. Fans will have the opportunity to gather in New York City’s Central Park on that evening to see a special screening of LENNONYC, a new documentary by American Masters, which is produced in association with WNET.  The film takes a look at Lennon’s life and work in New York City with his wife Yoko Ono and son Sean.The film will make its television debut on November 22. The clip above, via, is an excerpt from the film.

DKC, which has been helping with promotions for the film since August, has also worked with WNET on other documentaries, and has also worked with PBS on movies such as the recent Ken Burns film Baseball. For the firm, the task was to plug into the conversation that already exists around John Lennon.

“It’s more an issue of providing a venue for people to share this experience together,” said Joe DePlasco, MD at DKC.

The firm is conducting traditional media outreach and outreach to fan sites and other online targets. The film has a Facebook page and there’s chatter on Twitter both with the #LENNONYC hashtag and without. On September 24, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Yoko Ono spoke at a press conference for the film held at Central Park’s Strawberry Fields. One of the film’s supporters Drew Katz, through his organizations Infinite Possibilities and Interstate Outdoor Advertising, also donated five billboard spaces to promote the screening.

Given the emotional ties many of all ages have to Lennon and the existing conversations that are already happening, DePlasco summed up the publicity effort like this: “Just giving people the space to remember and experience the way they want, and providing them with the information we have. It’s not much harder than that.”