Buffer Video: A New Way to Distribute Video Content on Social Media

Buffer Video enables users to upload video once, then share and schedule across all of their connected social profiles.

Video is exploding across social media. From mobile live-streaming to native video on social networks, video is the next evolution in rich visual social media content. Seeing this trend, Buffer announced recently the launch of Buffer Video, which enables users to upload, share and schedule video across of their social networks.

Buffer content crafter Courtney Seiter told Social Times that this feature grew out of a growing need from their customers, who wanted a more efficient way to distribute videos:

It was a very popular request from our users, who asked for a way to upload a video once, on their schedule, and share it to multiple social media networks at the time that’s right for them and their audience. Because videos are larger file sizes and take a longer time to upload, the process of uploading videos to multiple sites can be quite tedious.

With Buffer Video, users only have to upload video content once. The new feature supports mp3, mov and avi video formats, up to one gigabyte, and once loaded, content can be shared to any connected Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or Pinterest account. Videos will appear natively on each social network; on Pinterest and LinkedIn, Buffer will include a link to a hosted web player.

upload once share everywhere

In the official Buffer announcement, Seiter provided some resources and tips for using video on social media including:

  1. Capture viewer attention early.
  2. Use the psychology of auto-play.
  3. Tell a compelling story.
  4. Provide context to set the expectation.
  5. Make it shareable.

Seiter said the launch of Buffer Video fits into the larger vision of helping people navigate the increasingly complex social media landscape. She added that this is a big step for Buffer:

We feel there’s a huge need to help businesses and individuals tap into the social media power of videos by letting them upload once and share everywhere though Buffer, so we’re excited to get this one out there.