Buffalo Studios partners with the Riviera for Bingo Blitz integration, Las Vegas bingo tournament

Another land-based casino jumps on the social game bandwagon today with a partnership between the Riviera Casino & Hotel and Buffalo Studios, developers of Bingo Blitz.

The partnership includes a Riviera-themed bingo room in Buffalo Studios’ top-trafficking Facebook game, complete with unique music, art, bingo callers and collections that players can complete. It also features a sweepstakes where one social game player can win a paid trip for two to Las Vegas to compete in a $200,000 bingo tournament next month.

Combining real-world perks with in-game activity is one of the main features of casino and social game integrations. As more land-based casino operators and suppliers partner with, buy or establish their own social games on Facebook, we expect to see competing prize systems ranging from one-time sweepstakes like this one to longer-term loyalty programs with points systems. We’re not sure if this would have a significant impact on a game’s average revenue per user, but it likely will increase retention among casino-themed social games.

According to our AppData traffic tracking service, Buffalo Studios currently has 3.1 million monthly active users and 840,000 daily active users on Facebook with just one game on the platform. Recently-launched Zynga Bingo is the largest bingo game for Facebook in terms of MAU and DAU; it’s currently No. 5 by MAU and No. 4 DAU out of all casino-themed canvas games.

Correction: Bingo Blitz was originally listed as the largest bingo game on Facebook because Zynga Bingo was not labeled as a casino-themed game in AppData. This has been fixed and the correct information inserted into the article.